Since its formation in 1985, Gulf Breeze Financial Services (GBFS) has financed over $870 million of low-cost loans to governmental entities around the state of Florida. Offering both variable and fixed rate loans to localities and other political subdivision, GBFS has financed utility services & waste water projects, port projects, municipal buildings, roadways and other various capital projects to improve local economies. All of these projects have been based on revenue streams assigned to the project without a general obligation of the taxing power of the State of Florida or any political subdivision of it. In each of these cases, GBFS has facilitated lower financing rates so that each of these borrowers created the best possible outcome for its citizens. The projects funded to date, and their totals, are as follows:

    Capital Improvement: $262,160,140
  • Land acquisition, beautification, municipal facilities, road improvements, etc.
  • Commercial Facilities: $117,865,000
  • Airport hotels, mixed-use redevelopment, warehousing, etc.
  • Housing: $43,245,000
  • Public housing and refinancing
  • Utilities: $169,357,400
  • Stormwater, water & sewer, gas system, and solid waste improvements or construction
  • Recreation Facilities: $108,489,700
  • Motor sports, golf courses, marinas, general recreation

These rates have been so attractive that many projects that were already financed and making debt service payments utilized GBFS to refinance their outstanding debt to create a cost savings. To date, those refinancing are as follows:

    Refinancings: $169,170,000
  • Various refinancing to make use of advantageous rates of the program

This decrease on the burden of municipalities and political subdivisions has helped to save taxpayer’s funds.


Under GBFS Loan Programs, each time a new loan is made it receives a new CUSIP. To resolve any confusion as to which borrower is associated with a particular CUSIP under the various Programs, the following table should be helpful in gaining a better understanding of the borrower and their particular financing. For a better understanding of the financial health of each borrower it is strongly recommended that a bond holder review the financials reports of the borrower associated with the CUSIP they hold. For public entities in Florida these financial reports are referred to as Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) and are available on the borrower’s website or through their finance department. Additional information may also be found on the MSRB’s EMMA site.

Series 1985B

City of Ft. Myers

5.50% 12/01/2015 402175LY7

City of Miami Beach 2000

4.75% 12/01/2015 402175PZ0

City of Miami Beach 2001

4.40% 12/01/2015 402175RX3
4.50% 12/01/2016 402175RG0
4.50% 12/01/2017 402175RH8
4.50% 12/01/2018 402175RJ4
4.50% 12/01/2019 402175RK1

Series 1985C

City of Miami Beach #1, 2, 3

4.75% 12/01/2015 402175PU1

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

5.05% 12/01/2015 402175LW1

Series 1985E

City of Venice/Reserves

5.15% 12/01/2015 402175PF4

City of Miami Beach #1, 2, 3

5.125% 12/01/2015 402175QM8
5.00% 12/01/2020 402175QN6

City of Miami Beach

5.55% 12/01/2015 402175NL3
5.625% 12/01/2016 402175NM1
5.65% 12/01/2017 402175NN9
5.70% 12/01/2018 402175NP4
5.75% 12/01/2019 402175NQ2
5.80% 12/01/2020 402175NR0

City of Miami Beach 2006

5.00% 12/01/2020 402175RV7

Series 1985J

City of Miami Beach

3.750% 12/01/2015 402175TT0
4.100% 12/01/2016 402175TU7
4.200% 12/01/2017 402175TV5
4.375% 12/01/2018 402175TW3
4.500% 12/01/2019 402175TX1
4.500% 12/01/2020 402175TY9

Series 1985K

City of Tampa

1.400% 12/01/2015 402175UV3
1.550% 12/01/2016 402175UW1
1.700% 12/01/2017 402175UX9
2.050% 12/01/2018 402175UY7
2.300% 12/01/2019 402175UZ4

Series 1985L

Lee County

2.250% 12/01/2015 402175VD2
2.500% 12/01/2016 402175VE0
2.750% 12/01/2017 402175VF7
3.000% 12/01/2018 402175VG5
3.050% 12/01/2019 402175VH3
3.100% 12/01/2020 402175VA8

Series 1997B

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

4.50% 10/01/2027 402175KF9

Series 2010A

City of Pensacola

5.00% 10/01/2015 402175UD3
5.00% 10/01/2016 402175UE1
5.00% 10/01/2017 402175UF8

Series 2010B

City of Pensacola

4.00% 10/01/2015 402175UM3
4.00% 10/01/2016 402175UN1
4.00% 10/01/2017 402175UFP6